The East European Educational and Cultural Center (EEECC) is a Czech Republic based non-governmental organization focusing on inter-ethnic and conflict issues. It brings together students and young professionals from Europe as well as from the rest of the world and offers practical peacebuilding activities in the field in various East European countries.

The operating principle of the EEECC is based on “peacebuilding anthropology” – a unique approach in the field of peacebuilding that utilizes cultural anthropology and other related disciplines as a theoretical framework, supplemented by practical field experience.

It is a progressive approach to today’s ethno-social issues, which promotes the application of science to peacebuilding practice while trying to bring often “sterile” theoretical models closer to the rough post-conflict field. The approach results in a whole range of field activities helping to streamline the work of peacekeepers and scientists employed in this demanding branch, as well as civil servants, particularly teachers, in post-conflict areas.

The EEECC is active in three expert areas – education, art and dialogue – in five geographic areas – Central Europe, South Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe, Great Lakes Region (Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda, Uganda) and Western Africa.

All activities are conducted with emphasis on direct field experience. The main target groups are students with civil or military background, planning to join various international organizations or to get involved in diplomacy, as well as young professionals already working in these fields. 

The lecturers are skilled peacemakers with backgrounds in the United Nations, European Union, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, International Organization for Migration or NATO.

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